7 Awesome Reasons to work for a Start-up!

Ever wondered what it would be like to work for a startup? Always felt tempted, but never really decided to ‘take the plunge’? So did I, but then I did take a leap of faith and it has indeed been rewarding to say the least.

Working at a startup is challenging, but it provides a unique environment to learn things that are otherwise hard to learn in big companies. While those who work for corporations typically know what is expected of them on a daily basis, at a startup, responsibilities may change each day. All you need is an open mind, loads of patience and a never say die attitude. Don’t believe me, here are a few reasons working for a startup is the right choice:

  1. Keep Calm and Say Hello to sleepless nights!  – Be prepared to be thrown in the deep end from Day One. Incredible expectations, crazy deadlines and sleepless nights are the norm- better get used to it. As they say , “No pain, No gain”.


  1. Job Description- You must be kidding! – Well if you are looking for a perfect job description set out for you, you are at the wrong place. At a startup, your title is irrelevant as you end up plugging the gaps, wherever possible. If you’ve worked as a manager, you may suddenly find yourself doing menial tasks like drafting bills. Although the wide range of activities imparts a wealth experience, it’s important that one feels comfortable performing all types of tasks.
  2. 112Regular office hours? What’s that?- If you want to work in a startup, say good bye to your dream of working in a 9 to 5 setup. This really doesn’t work, since you are expected to focus on getting the job done rather than clocking the hours. Your work schedule is quite flexible and regular late nights in office is not a big deal.
  3. 113You have the “Power” in your hands!- Any startup environment offers room to experiment like an entrepreneur .When you work for a startup, you can see the value in the work you do. You can bounce your opinions, ideas and insecurities, without being bogged down by official norms or politics. You are treated like an integral member of the team and are expected to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. At the end of the day , being part of something substantial for the organization gives you a different kind of high.
  4. 114But, Don’t forget with “Great Power comes Great responsibility”- In a start-up, everyone must pull their weight for the company to succeed, and as a newbie you will be no exception to this rule. You are expected to bring new ideas to the table and work towards making them successful. You end up working independently on projects from the start and learn to micro manage. That doesn’t mean you can’t fail but you must be able to accept your mistakes and learn from them
  5. 66Share the craziness with those who matter– Startups are almost invariably made up of passionate, excited people who are working there because theytruly want to be working there, and it’s something special to be a part of that. You are bound to have a shared sense of motivation, a stake in the company’s success, and the opportunity to craft your own role. Be it birthday parties, farewells or random treats, you will enjoy every minute of it with people who really matter.
  6. 116Be fearless and “Enjoy the Ride” – All said and done, there always something new to take back home from office- a feeling of elation that you achieved something substantial for your company. You get used to this feeling and nothing can change that. When you are fearless, dedicated and all set to get things rolling, there’s no one can stop you. You would soon start enjoying the ride rather than running away from it.


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